Frequently Asked Questions

+ Business Names
+ What is a "fictitious name?"
A fictitious name is a name under which any person shall do or transact any business in this state which is other than the true name of such person.  A fictitious name is commonly referred to as a "DBA," an acronym for "doing business as."  Filing a fictitious name registration does not afford or secure any exclusive rights to the name.
+ Who has to file a fictitious name registration?
Any person or entity which is doing business under a name other than its true name must register that fictitious name.  For instance, if John Doe is doing business under the name "John's Lemonade Stand," John Doe must register the fictitious name "John's Lemonade Stand."  If the corporation known as Missouri Lemonade Manufacturing, Inc., is doing business under the name "Missouri Lemonade," it must register the fictitious name "Missouri Lemonade."
+ Why is a corporation or limited liability company using the fictitious name I have registered?
Filing or registering a fictitious name for your business does not afford or reserve any exclusive rights to the use of that name.  There is no limit to the number of entities which may register the same fictitious name.
+ How long does a name reservation last?
A corporate name, or a name for a limited liability company or limited partnership, may be reserved for up to 60 days, and such reservation may be renewed for two additional 60 day periods.  After a name has been reserved for 180 days, the name ceases to be in reserved status and the applicant who had the name reserved for the maximum 180 days may not reserve that name again.  The applicant whose reservation expired may still use the name as its corporate name if available, and any other entity may place the name back into reserve status.
+ If a name reservation expires, who can use it or reserve it?
After a particular name's reserve status expires, it is available to any party for use as a corporate name, even the party whose reservation expired.  The party whose reservation expired, however, may never again place the name in reserved status.
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