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+ What business taxes can I electronically file?
Withholding Tax
  • MO-941 monthly, quarterly, and annual filers' return and payment
  • MO-941P payments only of withholding tax for designated quarter-monthly filers
Corporate Tax
  • MO-1120ES corporate estimated payments
  • MO-1120 corporate return payment
Sales Tax
  • Form 2414 weekly prepayments, return payments, and billing payments of sales tax for quarter-monthly sales tax filers
  • Return payments and billing payments for monthly, quarterly, annual sales tax filers, and sales tax returns with zero gross receipts, zero adjustments and zero tax due.
Use Tax
  • Return payments for and billing payments for monthly, quarterly, annual use tax filers, and use tax returns with zero gross receipts, zero adjustments and zero tax due.
+ How do I register for Electronic Filing of Withholding, Corporate estimated, or Sales tax?
Complete the "Electronic Filing Trading Partner Agreement" form, DOR-4572 PDF file.

This form is contained in the "Electronic File Specifications and Record Layouts for EFT of Business Tax Return and Payment Using ACH Credit with TXP Addendum", DOR-4585 PDF file.

Fax the agreement to the number shown on the form.  Forward the information to your bank, and arrange to send a pre-note(s) to the Department of Revenue's bank account(s) as specified in DOR-4585.  The Department's Tax Program Coordinator will contact you when you are ready to file.
+ How do I File and Pay Business Taxes Online?
By visiting the following link, you can pay your Withholding MO-941, Withholding Quarter-Monthly MO-941P, Withholding Billing Notice, Corporate Estimate 1120ES, and Sales Tax 2414 Quarter-Monthly payment via Electronic Check or Credit Card.  If you make a full month's worth of MO-941 payments online, you can also file your MO-941 reconciliation online. 

For more information or to begin filing, click here.
+ Is Business Tax Electronic Filing mandatory?
Beginning in January of 2004, Electronic Filing of MO-941P Quarter-Monthly (Weekly) Withholding payments and 2414 Quarter-Monthly (Weekly) Sales Tax payments is mandatory due to passage of HB600.  Filers would need to file using either the TXP Bank Project or the Online filing and payment system.
Links for more information on the electronic filing mandate:
For all other filers, electronic filing is optional.
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