Frequently Asked Questions

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+ Registered Agent/Office
+ Who may serve or act as a registered agent?
An agent may be either an individual who is a resident of Missouri and whose business office is identical with the entity's registered office, or it may be a corporation authorized to transact business in Missouri and which has a business office identical with the entity's registered office.
+ What if we don't know anyone in Missouri who can act as our registered agent?
Many service companies and law firms are willing to serve as a registered agent.  Follow this link for a list of registered agent.
+ May my entity's registered office address be a PO Box?
A PO Box may be listed as a registered office address only if a physical street address is also listed.  An entity's registered office must be a physical location where the registered agent may be served process.
+ May my entity's registered office address be listed as the address of a mailing service company, such as Mailboxes, Etc. or the UPS Store?
No. An entity may not list the address of a retail mailing store, such as Mailboxes, Etc. or the UPS Store, as its registered office; the registered agent's business office must be the same as the registered office.
+ May I change my entity's registered agent without the consent of a new agent?
The new registered agent must consent to his appointment in writing, and such written consent must accompany the filing of a statement of change of the registered agent.
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